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  • Is ULS a web based software?
    No, ULS is a server based solution. You transmit data with a SECURE connection to the server to work. You do NOT transmit data over the Internet.

  • Do I own my software??
    Yes, once you purchase ULS, you own it and are never mandated to pay anything else. The maintenance is optional and ULS will never lock you out of your software.

  • Can I access ULS from the Internet?
    Yes, with Internet access, ULS can be accessed through free remote or with our new U-Online Reservation Hybrid. With our ULS Online Reservation Hybrid you can access ULS through your website and be able to input reservations, modify reservations, cancel reservations and see dispatch reports as well as dispatch the drivers the vehicles and print summary reports.

  • What does maintenance include?
    Maintenance is optional and includes any new releases to the software and unlimmited ULS support.

  • Do I need a true Server?
    No, you do not need a true server. We can install the ULS database application on a workstation (acting as server) which stores the database and install the client application on workstations.

  • How do I upgrade to another version?
    To upgrade, there is a 20% fee plus the difference in price from the current version to upgrade from Lite to Pro or Pro to Enterprise.

  • How can I get training on the ULS software?
    ULS has webinar training 2 to 3 times a week. You can visit click the webinar schedule tab and see the scheduled training dates and times. Dates are posted weeks inadvance and you can register in advance to attend.

  • Do you have Training Videos?
    Yes, you can download training videos from our private website To get access to this site you must be a ULS owner and have the maintenance plan in effect. Username and Password will be assigned to you upon purchasing of the ULS software.

  • Do you offer private training sessions or onsite training?
    Yes, ULS will provide private webinars sessions for an individual or a team of members of one company. Onsite training is available upon prearranged schedule times and dates. Additional cost will apply for Onsite Training.

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