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  • Is ULS a web based software?
    No, ULS is a server based solution. You transmit data with a SECURE connection to the server to work. You do NOT transmit data over the Internet.

  • Can I access ULS from the Internet?
    Yes, ULS SaaS Version can be accessed through an RDP connection. ULS In_House users can access the ULS software via the ULS Online Reservation Hybrid.

  • What does maintenance include?
    Maintenance and Support includes any new releases to the software and unlimmited ULS support for software bugs/issues. For more information on our Maintenance and support Plans please connect to the link below:

  • Do I need a true Server?
    No, you do not need a true server. We can install the ULS database application on a workstation (acting as server) which stores the database and install the client application on workstations.

  • How do I upgrade to another version?
    Call us at 201-693-4150 or email us at to upgrade from Lite to Pro or Pro to Enterprise.

  • How can I get training on the ULS software?
    Call us at 201-693-4150 or email us at to schedule training or to obtain access to our training guides and videos.

  • Do you have Training Videos?
    Yes, you can download training videos from our private website To get access to this site you must be a ULS owner and have the maintenance plan in effect. Username and Password will be assigned to you upon purchasing of the ULS software.

  • Do you offer private training sessions or onsite training?
    Yes, ULS will provide private webinars sessions for an individual or a team of members of one company. Onsite training is available upon prearranged schedule times and dates. Additional cost will apply for Onsite Training.

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