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With our ULS sever based solution, you purchase the limo software, and you store Unified Livery Systems in house on your network.  With ULS, we can assist you in streamling your business, getting you automated, more accurate and more productive which in return makes you MORE PROFITABLE.  It can be installed on a workstation or a server .  We offer three different versions of the software to choose from --  U-Lite, U-Pro, and U-Enterprise for ALL of your transportation companies needs.  See PRODUCTS for details on which version is right for you. 

WE are the ONLY software in the industry that can grow with you.  You can purchase any of our three versions of ULS.  We offer all of our ULS Customers the first 90 days of maintenance and support FREE.  After the first 90 days, we offer maintenance plans which include all new updates and enhancements and support on the software.  If you choose not to have a maintenance plan -- we will NOT lock you out of the system.  You purchased it, you own it.  We also have FREE "Webinars" for training on the Unified Livery Systems Limousine software.  You are responsible for maintaining and managing your database as well as backing up the database.  And of course, the faster the computer the better.    

Small, Mid to Large- Sized Limousine Software Provider


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