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ULS offers customizable Add-On Integrations as a tailored solution.  These additional features are offered to help streamline your business giving you a complete turn-key solution.  ULS Customers can easily select the Integrations of their choice to complete their Reservation Management System. 

  • ULS IN HOUSE software you can purchase the Integrations in addition to the base software.
  • ULS SaaS hosted solution you can purchase the Integration in addition to the base software.

Credit Card Processing

Buy Now  - $495 Set Up Fee plus $5 Per Month 

The ability to Verify, Authorize, Charge, Refund, and now Void credit card transactions directly through the software.

U-Online Reservations

Buy Now  - $995 Set Up fee plus $25 Hosting Fee OR $25 Per Month 

A Complete and Comprehensive Online reservations system that allows your customers to make, modify, cancel or review their transportation reservations.  Corporate clients can access expenditures and invoices for their company.  In addition, your staff can access ULS through the U-Online Reservations.


U-Online Reservations Features:

Customer Capabilities directly from your website

· Make reservations which are automatically entered into  ULS with acceptance from ULS staff

· Modify Reservations
· Create their own profiles and attach themselves to their company account
· View and Print account expenditures and invoices

· iPad Compatible
ULS User Capabilities directly from your website

· Make reservations which are automatically entered into ULS

· Modify Reservations
· Assign Vehicle and Drivers online
· View and print Trip Tickets, Confirmations, Receipts and Reservation Summary Reports

· iPad Compatible

Click here to see a sample of Online Reservations.

NEW GroundPad Integration "LimoPad" - Driver Module
Buy Now  - contact for price quote
A fully integrated widget enabling real time communications with the chauffeur in the field using the Apple iPad or any Smart Device.
LimoPad Features:
· Create an airport sign using the iPad giving your clients a clear bright name sign upon their arrival, providing them with a level of comfort and professionalism as the first impression.  
· Chauffeurs will have the ability to check the status of flights, including detailed information such as which terminal the plane is de-boarding, in real-time.
· Enabling chauffeurs with real-time two-way communications and information such as reservation details, mapping, and traffic updates.
· Electronic trip sheets allowing measurable cost savings for the chauffeurs and back office personnel.
· The chauffeur will have the ability to add immediately add additional trip charges to the reservation with the updated total charge amount.
·**Optional ** - Credit Card processing capabilities allowing the chauffeurs the ability to swipe the credit card in the vehicle (with credit card processing wireless devise) and email the receipt directly to the customer or print out at time of trip completion. The additional charges and payment information is then automatically updated within ULS.

   NEW GroundApp Integration  - Mobile Reservation Tool

Buy Now  - contact for price quote

GroundApp™ provides end-users with a quick and easy way to book ground transportation through a simple mobile application from any geographic area, worldwide.  Your branded app can be downloaded quickly from the App Store or Google.  Once downloaded your branded app with logo is placed on your customers mobile devices home screen, allowing quick and easy access.
GroundApp Features:

•  Book, edit or cancel a reservation

•  Locate, track or contact my chauffeur
•  View past reservations and obtain receipts
•  Get a rate quote
•  Update location information
•  Update payment information

GroundTrack GPS

Buy Now  - contact for price quote

GroundTrack™ leverages state of the art Global Positioning technology providing fleet managers with a comprehensive asset tracking solution.  The GroundTrack™ transponder provides real-time tracking of assets 24/7.  Real-time alerts help monitor chauffeur behavior resulting in improved efficiency and reduced idling.  Full audit trail functionality lets you view and analyze historical information.

FlightView Enhanced
Buy Now - $495 Set Up Fee plus $5 Per Month 

ULS is one of the first to integrate with FlightView's latest version of enhancements.  ULS customers are now getting
more advanced pre-departure information like delays and cancellations -- which will help them better manage their
resources and serve their customers.  No more wasted trips to the airport or idling drivers waiting for delayed flights! With the latest upgrades, ULS Customers will also be able to view flights live on a map and receive gate, terminal and baggage information when available.   


Flight Tracking Features:

· Track in-air flights on a map showing flight path and current radar weather
· Save flight itineraries to My Trips to quickly reference their statuses
· View terminal, gate and baggage claim information
· Easily find alternative flights by viewing flight schedules between cities
· Search flights up to 90 days in the future and save them
· Add notes to flights or trips, such as car rental and hotel reservation numbers, and keep all of your day-of-travel
information in one place
· While in-flight, review your saved itineraries in Airplane mode
· This version tracks flights within North America, or with one endpoint in North America



Charter and Tours

Buy Now  - $495 Set Up Fee plus $25 Per Month 

Barn button, mileage template to calculate mileage for reservations.  Passenger template to calculate fee's per person, child or senior.  This integration also comes with DOT Reports.  This integration requires MapPoint Software. MapPoint software not included.

Care Alerts

Buy Now  - $1295 Set Up Fee plus $25 Per Month 

Care Alerts, which will enable Your frequent travellers to receive emails and text alerts regarding their upcoming trip and  driver status once the trip has been dispatched to a driver.

Care Alert Features:

  • An email and SMS Text Messaging Solution
  • Provides Notification, Alerts and Customer Reminders for active reservations
  • Application has a user interface that is used to set up / configure the alerts sent by account or by profile
  • Alerts the passenger via text (SMS) or email or both
  • Alerts are configurable by client and sent upon change in status of each ride.
  • Alerts can also be sent to static email or sms phone numbers – other emails / phone numbers
  • If a travel arranger needs to receive these then they are added using the profile set up feature as an additional email /text.


GroundXchange is a peer to peer network connection solution for Ground Transportation companies, affiliates, and trading partners.  The GroundXchange solution will help your company connect to your affiliates and trading partners using the ULS back office software.  Please contact us regarding this new feature.

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